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How to Start

& How to Drive

Starting Safely

& How to Change Gear

Cold Starting

& Engine Running

Looking at the Brakes

A Closer Look:

Transmission & Clutch

A Closer Look:

Coil Boxes (Trembler Coils)

The Story of my Model T

A Closer Look:

Tyre & Rim Safety

Replacing Transmission

Band Linings

Adding a

Klaxon Horn

A Closer Look:

Fan, Fan belt and Pulley

A Closer Look:

Starting in Cold Weather

Installing a

New Battery

Radiator Repair & How the Cooling System Works

Complete Radiator



Special Thanks to YouTube user dakriegel for his detailed how-to videos which is how I learned to drive my own Model T.


Some comments on my YouTube channel...


Hey Bud, I absolutely love your channel, you are a great Model T owner! So I subscribed!! I've been watching your videos for a while now, and I don't know why it took me so long to subscribe. I am only 19 and I personally own a 1919 Model T Ford Roadster, I would be honored if you would check her out on our channel if you wish, and tell me what your professional opinion is. : ). Well hear I am, thanks, Jonathan


Thank heavens! I just got my first T and I've been trying to diagnose some of my issues by watching your videos and this definitely helps! Thank you, Mitch!


this australian dude is so knolageble on the tin lizzie you would think he had built it grate guy grate car frankie 36 south georgia

Frankie Jacques

Hey Mitch, I can't thank you enough for these videos! My dad's '15 (he completely restored when I was a boy) is now in my garage and I've been learning things the hard way... one of which is that I likely toasted the brakes. I was watching this video and you pulled the hogs head to change bands. Here are a couple questions:
Was it necessary to pull the hogs head or could you have done it without pulling it? Or better asked, is it that much easier to change them by pulling the hogs head? I barely remember the work my dad did so I'm like ok Ing for the best advice I can get.
Can the brake band be adjusted prior to replacing them or do I just have to replace them?
Are all three bands the same including the liners (are they interchangeable)? Again, thanks for the videos!

Max Lindsay

Hello! I am a big fan of your instructional videos and I am a proud owner of a 1924 Ford model T touring, and I was wondering if you would consider creating a video on how to close and open the convertible roof on a model T. Thanks, Andrew

Andrew 1988