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Hey Mitch!
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how appreciated you are! I just bought a 1924 Model T Tudor last week. The previous owner swore that it ran and drove, but we weren't able to get it started because the temperature was about 15 degrees (Fahrenheit) and the oil was gel. He didn't know what to do about it, and being a novice, I didn't either, but the price was good and the car was nice, so I bought it anyway. Cue me being very nervous for several days... Anyway, I found your awesome YouTube videos and honestly, I learned more from watching those than I did from any old timer I've spoken to. Thanks to your videos, I got my T started (in warmer, 22-degree F weather) and was actually able to drive it around the yard before it stalled and refused to start again. I am thrilled that my T works and I now know how to start it in brutal temps. You are an awesome guy and I will certainly be checking out every video you post from now on! Thank-you for all your help!

Nathan Logsdon

Indiana, USA


This Australian dude is so knowledgeable on the tin lizzie you would think he had built it grate guy grate car frankie 36

Frankie Jacques

South Georgia, USA


Great job on your website- I just bought a 1922 touring and I am thrilled! I appreciate your instructional info vids on U Tube- I have not been able to drive it yet- but at least I learned the finer points of it with you on the screen ! Thanks again- I'll be back!

Steve A Brett

Oak Park, California, USA


Mitch, I can't tell you how much i enjoyed your video. I thought after your opening sequence i almost expected a television show to start!! Exceptional. Such a simple yet elegant design and immensely reliable which is a lot more than I can say about modern cars. Keep up the good work Mitch, and thanks again.

Ken Rubin

North of New York City, USA


Well-made videos. Informative to boot. You're certainly a good ambassador for the Model T. Keep up the good work. Small world we live in. Last summer one of your fellow countrymen was over here visiting family members. When he learned I was stymied by some problems with my 1927 "T" Touring car (he had owned one in the past and had worked on them as well), he hiked a mile over to my place, dug in (I had to order some parts), fixed it and got the car roadworthy slick as a whistle before returning to Australia. Humbly credited it to his being a "bush mechanic." While folks here in the States appreciate these old classics, they don't take too kindly to them being on the public highways. So, my driving's been strictly around town. Anyway, think I'll start tinkering with it again, and get it back on the road more often. Thanks for the website.




Amazing! I love the videos. I for some reason have become infatuated with early motors and havent yet figured out why.. I live in the USA and am 40yrs old. When I was growing up and dating my now wife she lived in a nice little town outside of St Louis Mo. While she was living at home and up until college there was a fellow who drove his open tourer T Daily... No matter what Rain or shine or even winter time. It really was truly his daily driver and was completely un-restored. Sure it had fixes done to it here and there and a few brush lacquer paint jobs but it was never striped to the chassis and redone. HE only drove it around the town as he worked and lived there. It was a site to see him at the local grocers collecting food for the week. I wish you the best of luck with your T and I Hope I get so see some more videos from you!




Mitch! Thank you so much for the videos to a 4th generation (but learning everything for the first time) T-owner! Sending good vibes from Memphis US.

Model T Owner,

Memphis, USA


Dear Mitch,

I wanted to thank you so much for your videos! I just got a 1919 Ford Model T Touring car in July and had no idea of how to start or drive it. I live in the US, in Colorado, and the car came from Florida, and unfortunately the previous owner was not able to give me any information on the vehicle. Your videos were so helpful, I can't thank you enough! I just joined a Model T club here in Colorado and a member just bought a 1917 and did not know how to drive it, so I sent him to your website! I have someone that is going to help me tune mine up for the high altitude in Colorado, then I am hoping I can get it out to drive and practice what I have learned from your videos! Sincerely,


Colorado, USA


I enjoyed watching you change the bands in your T. I noticed you did most of the work sitting inside the car and working down between your legs. Being much older than you appear in your profile picture and certainly far less flexible, I was impressed how you were able to do this job sitting in the car. I probably should add that I'm jealous that you can do this job in that way and that I can't. The more important comment should be "Thank you for taking the time to make these videos and posting them for others to see." I plan on watching others that you have made.

Thanks again,

Dennis Sanford
Lucas, Texas, USA


Hi Mitch- Glad you're still enjoying the Model T I sold you. Your website keeps getting better and better. Cheers!

Guy Zaninovich

Michigan, USA


Mitch, your website is amazing and as an ambassador of good will, you do great things for the hobby.

Bob Coiro


And a big "thanks" from me to you Mitch, as your website helped me to get known to Model T and its operation and supported my decision to buy one. My appreciation for doing that great job and effort! Joerg

Joerg Walther


Thanks for doing such a great job at promoting our hobby! Your Model T web site keeps getting better and better with time. There are some ?oops? items ? almost every book, web site, etc. has at least one type-oh or additional information is gained and what was previously known needs to be updated. But overall there is a lot of good information. Two minor suggestions would be consider crediting sources more. For example at: https://www.fordmodelt.net/# you have a listing of Canadian Model T Numbers. From the formatting of the page it appears it is from the Jan 1987 letter that Herman Smith (R.I.P.) the Ford Motor Company Historian sent out and the last page is shown below:

By cropping the second page so it still includes the source, allows the readers to better determine the validity of the source as they review the material. And while that two page summary letter was mailed out to multiple individuals (i.e. if someone requested serial number information from Ford of Canada that was often sent to them), if you credit where you obtained it ? that can also sometimes be helpful to researchers in the future.


If it came from the MTFCA Forum (a great source for many Model T items), the earliest posting of those two pages that I am currently aware of was May 10, 2008 when it was credited to Steven Miller who was kind enough to send a copy of an Aug 28, 2001 letter that Sandra Notarianni (who at that time worked as a Historical Consultant for Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd ) sent to him ? see: https://www.mtfca.com/discus/messages/50893/55246.html?1210428134  And there are hand written copies that were also posted at different times with the same numbers. And Bruce McCalley (R.I.P.) on page 539 of his book ?Model T Ford? republished the same listing in his 1994 book. And of course many times we receive items or find items and we don?t remember who was kind enough to post or send them. But when the information is available, I would suggest you try to include it so folks [ or maybe folk ? if I?m the only one] can better establish where the information came from. For example a quote from a first time new owner on the Forum might not be as authoritative as a scan of an original Ford Motor Company ledger etc. But in some cases the new persons posting may be more accurate. As there are multiple sources that agree that Mr. Herman Smith?s number of 458 Model Ts produced by Ford of Canada is actually the pre-T cars. To our knowledge no Model Ts were produced in Canada during calendar year 1908 and not even that many Ts were assembled in the USA during 1908 [ref page502 Bruce McCalley ? ?Model T Ford?].

I?ll try to send you a few other minor suggestions where I think a type-o may have snuck in.

Again a great web site and a great job of introducing the Model T and our hobby to others.

Respectfully submitted,

Hap l9l5 cut off

 Hap Tucker

Sumter, South Carolina, USA


Pretty sure i made that .gif of charlie chaplin starting the car over and over but was limited on space for frames and size. i should make some better ones some day.